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Your Raw Music
Have It Published in 15 Days


Mix and Master Your
Tracks To Get The Best Sound


Your Creation
With Scarlet's Development Tools


Your Music & Brand

Professional Recording

Let's Build Your Tracks
Just bring us your home recorded audio or video that you sung to with an instrument. That's all! No need for a professional microphone, just record on your phone or any other recorder. We will take care of the rest.

Recording Process

Turning Your Recording into a Pro Track
Our session musicians listen to your raw music and record it as a pilot track to create the tempo. We work two full days to create different musical harmonies and send you all the alternatives. After your approval, we begin real recording process. Below video shows the recording process of a track from the band Element.

PR and Distribution

Create Your Image
From Your Music
Our professional PR & Design company Scarlet Media will handle all designs, photo shoots, album artwork, website design, social media management, press bulletins and more. You will be our guest in Istanbul for 4 days with no accommodation charges.
Publish and Distribute
Being not only a recording studio, Scarlet owns music production and distribution licenses that will give you ease of access in reaching your target audience.
Spread Your Work
Besides music licensing and CD manufacturing, Scarlet's affiliate network includes more than 200 music stores including iTunes, Amazon and many more. Your album will also be submitted to several FM and internet radios.